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The Therapy Place Counseling Group

Location : Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,


The Therapy Place is a growing team of professional clinical counselors proudly serving the Nanaimo area. We provide personalized counseling in the areas of depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, grief, addictions, relationships, and many others. We have over 20 years of professional The Therapy Place is a growing team of professional clinical counselors proudly serving the Nanaimo area. experience and hold a variety of specializations. Treatment typically involves an initial session where we’ll get to know one another, cover relevant history, and come up with a treatment plan.
Here’s some more information about what we offer:

Depression counseling:
People dealing with depression often experience low mood, poor energy, sleep problems, difficulties concentrating, and a general lack of mojo. Everyone goes through down times occasionally, but if you ever get trapped there, it's not fun. There is hope! Research in the field has come a long way and a trained depression counselor can help you return to your normal self. How do you find the best fit for your counseling needs? You're already doing it: do some research. Then get in touch to book a session.

Anxiety counseling:
Like depression, anxiety problems are on the rise. There are a lot of reasons for this, but the important thing is to know that it is treatable with the help of a trained anxiety counselor. Symptoms often include feelings of panic/unease, difficulty sleeping, thoughts of worry, specific fears (like public speaking or phobias) procrastination, and racing thoughts. We'll come up with a plan that helps you to regain control. 

Business Address: 477 Wallace St #309, Nanaimo, BC V9R 5B7, Canada
Business Phone: +1 250-268-1416 

Payment Types Accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Cheque, Cash, e-transfer 
Services Offered: Individual Counselling, Intensive Individual Counselling, Couples/Family Counselling, Intensive Couples/Family Counselling, Online/Phone Counselling, Intensive Online/Phone Counselling 

Hours of Operation: Monday: 9 am-5 pm | Tuesday: 9 am-7 pm | Wednesday: 9 am-5 pm | Thursday: 9 am-7 pm | Friday: 9 am-5 pm
Areas Served: Nanaimo and Central Island 

Social Links:
LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-therapy-place-counselling 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Therapyplaceca-103901404485797
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