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TruRelief Roofing Experts

TruRelief Roofing Experts


Have you found yourself questioning the integrity of your roof? Was there a recent storm that you believe has damaged roofing shingles? Not to worry, as a roofing inspection can answer almost any question you have regarding the condition of your roof. But what will the roofer look at while performing the inspection? Our roofing company uses the latest technology, including the assistance of satellite technology, to deliver aerial images for an in-depth look at the roof in a shorter time. 
Any Water Damage 
Any signs of water damage will be noted in the report homeowners receive following the inspection. Water damage can happen for many reasons. The number one contributor to water damage is violent storms. Gutter being clogged and not draining properly is a close second. 
Mold is a bad sign of water lingering in areas it shouldn’t. Your roofer will look for signs of mold and mildew, especially around areas like vents, chimneys, and skylights, if applicable. Mold can also be spotted inside when your roofer performs an interior inspection. 
Condition of The Shingles 
When the condition of your asphalt shingles declines, it can mean it’s time for a re-roof or roof replacement. The condition of the shingles includes any missing shingles, gritty shingles, or those that are torn. An inspection can also verify the age of your roof too. 
What’s Lurking In Your Gutter System? 
You might be surprised what a roofing inspector will find in your gutters. Something they will be looking for is signs of roofing shingle granules in the channel. If there are granules of the asphalt shingles lying inside the gutter, this is a sign that the roof is deteriorating. 
Are Metal Roofs Different? 
Metal roofs and asphalt shingle roofs aren’t created equal. This means the issues a metal roof will have are quite different too. Your roofer will look for signs of water damage and leaks like a shingle roof along with the following problems. 
-Loose seams 
-Damaged flashing 
Metal roofs will have some growing pains. They will expand and contract with the changes in the weather. This could cause seams to become loose. When loose seams happen, the underlying structure could become damaged. Flashing can also pull apart, creating a gap that leads to leaks. Lastly, rust is the worst thing for your metal roof. It can destroy the entire roof leading to massive water damage. 
TruRelief Roofing Experts offers roofing throughout the Raleigh area. We are more than happy to provide inspections, repairs, and roofing replacements. Our technicians are HAAG-certified, licensed, and insured. Learn about our roofing services and more about us online today at https://trurelief.com
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