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Tips For Avoiding Clogged Drains 
With holidays and parties just around the corner, it's likely that you'll have more people over to your home. With the increased usage of the kitchen and bathroom, you may see the potential for clogged drains. This is not something homeowners want to deal with while throwing a party. Are you looking for ways to prevent the whole mess from happening? We share some of the best tips for preventing clogs from happening. 
Take Preventative Action With Drain Cleaning 
The best way to stop clogs in their tracks is with drain cleaning. Drain cleaning can remove the gunk currently lining the inside of your plumbing pipes. Whether you know it or not, everything that goes down your drain, including soaps, can get stuck on the inside lining. This will accumulate and cause clogs to form. Drain cleaning uses methods like hydro jetting to remove all of the greases and stuck-on debris, allowing water to flow freely. 
Never Put Grease Down The Drain 
When cooking, it's easy to just throw bacon fat and other greases down the drain. But this is one of the most common reasons for clogs and sewer backing up. Instead, collect grease in aluminum foil, let it cool, and then throw it away in the trash. The other option is to let the grease cool completely in the pan and then scrape it into the trash. By putting grease down the drain, not only can you worry about a clog, but it could affect your dishwasher and garbage disposal if applicable. 
Recognize Signs Of A Potential Clog 
The signs of a potential clogged are somewhat easy to spot. The most recognizable is water standing in your shower or sink. Another thing to look out for would be a toilet that is slow to flush. If you have standing water, it's only a matter of time before the plumbing pipe completely closes off and water can no longer pass through. 
Never Flush Feminine Products 
Despite what some packaging claims, you should never flush feminine products down the drain. Most systems, including septic, don't do well with these products. They can quickly accumulate and cause a blockage. A better choice is to throw feminine products away in the trash can. 
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