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Advance Appliance Ltd.

Advance Appliance Ltd.
Location : Edmonton, , Alberta, Canada
Edmonton, , Alberta, Canada ,


Advance Appliance ltd. is committed to providing the safest service possible. 
Our techs will be using personal protective equipment and we ask our customers 
to observe the social distancing protocol as they work. We ask that you inform 
us if anyone in your home is ill, isolated quarantined or has traveled in the
last 14 days. As this crisis continues many people may be self isolated or 
quarantined, and our home appliances will become essential, especially as
restaurants and commercial laundry facilities close. Rest assured we will 
continue to provide service as long as we are able. For payments we encourage 
our customers to use credit cards or perform e-transfer payment if possible, 
cash or checks will be the last option for payment.