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Advantages Of A 40 Pt. HVAC Checkup
Have you been curious if HVAC maintenance is suitable for your needs? Keeping up with your heating and cooling units is excellent for both homes and businesses. If you think about the investment of a new furnace, central AC, or other HVAC equipment, it's clear that getting the most out of your already installed systems should be a priority. The best way to promote a long healthy life span is by having regular maintenance. Let's take a look at the top advantages property owners can gain from having a 40-point inspection and maintenance visit performed.
Identify Issues Before They Affect Your Comfort
Arguably one of the best reasons to have maintenance done is to know if something is broken before it affects your comfort. For example, a 40-point check-up can identify low refrigerants. This could indicate a leak. Your HVAC technician we'll report on this and provide you with a recommendation for repair or service.
Look For Harmful Issues 
Something many homeowners don't ordinarily think about is that your HVAC could have the presence of harmful contaminants, like mold. It can also have a refrigerant leak which isn't healthy for your home or the environment. During a check-up, your technician will look for signs of moisture and mold. From there, he can provide you with a treatment plan to address the issue.
Replace and Lubricate Common Parts
A check-up will scan for wear and tear on the most common parts of your AC and heating system. It will also replace air filters, lubricate parts, and in some cases, replace broken items. Wear and tear happen on the heating and cooling system. When you run them consistently throughout hotter and colder months, breakdowns can happen.
When Should You Call An HVAC Company For Maintenance?
When is the best time to have HVAC maintenance performed on your home's air conditioner or heating system? The answer is biannual. You should have each respective system checked and maintained prior to use. This can help limit breakdowns and the need for repairs throughout the high usage months. Maintenance visits are a cost-effective approach to extending the life of your heating and cooling system, can prevent breakdowns, and keep you comfortable year-round.
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