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paris, île-de-france, france,


 I launched a blog about my son, Max, who had a stroke at birth that resulted in extreme developmental delays and mild cerebral palsy. That blog is Health LineRX. Along the way, I've met amazing moms and dads, quadrupled my traffic, picked up lots of good info about blogging and figured out the meaning of life (OK, maybe not that). I'd love to trade tips, tricks and stories. Topics we'll cover: 

Content: what other moms really, really want to know (and what they're not particularly interested in hearing about, thankyouverymuch) 

• Reaching out to Mommy bloggers who write about special-needs kids 

• Reaching out to Mommy bloggers who write about typically-functioning kids (and who may not think you have much in common) 

• Whether or not to name your child in the blog 

• Growing your traffic, both through social networking and other means (such as getting relevant organizations to mention you on their sites and getting press in more traditional ways, like newspaper articles) 

• Is it a good idea to offer up your mother-in-law as a giveaway? 

• Making your blog visually appealing 

• Why tags are a Good Thing (and other deep blog thoughts) 

• Juggling blogging and a day job. Oh, and yes, the kids, too. 

• How to make a mean mojito. That's relevant, right?