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types of televisions in kenya
Buy the newest Televisions Online in Kenya
The evolution of technology over the past years has been fascinating and televisions haven’t been overlooked of this evolution. Today, there are more sophisticated and better televisions with amazing features than there wont to be decades ago. Now, you’ll enjoy life more and derive much satisfaction from the entertainment that TVs provide you with . At Tushop Online Kenya, we understand how important it’s to buy for a replacement television. we’ve an outsized collection of HDTV, LED tv, a 4K Ultra HD TV, a curved-screen TV, smart-tv or a 3D TV. we’ve amazing prices for you so look no further. 4K Ultra HD OR HD Televisions: Also referred to as 4K or Ultra TV is that the newest technology within the market today. what’s it about? It’s 4 times better than full HD and produce super high-quality images and are sharper. 1080p Full HD (Full High Definition): you’ll watch full HD content, videos produced in FHD and blu-ray movies. 720p HD: A High Definition Television with an image quality that’s twice as sharp as a typical definition. Provides high-quality HD pictures.