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What To Look For When Purchasing Bulk Seeds 

There are several reasons you may be considering bulk seed purchases. If you're a nursery, book purchasing can limit your out-of-pocket expenses for growing and producing. If you're a reseller or are interested in reselling seats, a book purchase could help you drive in more profits. Whatever the reason may be that you're looking for seeds, purchasing bulk can be an excellent option. But, how do you know the quality of seeds you're getting are good, and if you're working with the right wholesaler? We've put together a few features you should be looking for When selecting the best seed wholesaler for your needs. 

Quality of Seeds 

The quality of seeds will matter greatly. This is perhaps the number one thing to look for when shopping in bulk. The last thing you want to do is deal with seeds that won't germinate. One of the best ways to avoid bad seed quality is by choosing a reputable wholesaler. If you look at their reviews, you'll notice that some are better than others. Consistency is key to avoiding frustration. 


Another thing to look for is availability. This is both the availability of seeds and seed type. If you want a flower, tree, or even vegetables, it's important to know where you're getting them from and that you can get the variety you're searching for. BulkSeedsInternational has built a reputation for having the most substantial selection of seeds on the market. This includes tree seeds, flower seeds, herb seeds, and vegetable seeds. 

Fast shipping is also something to look for. The last thing you need is missing a growing season or window due to a slow shipper. Look for things like free shipping or expedited shipping for the best results. 

Wholesale Options/ Packaging 

For those that are interested in reselling seeds, it would be easier if you work with a wholesaler that offers to package too. While this won't be something everyone needs, private label packaging can save you time and money. BulkSeedsInternational has an excellent service for seed retailers that includes quality seed bags that can be customized along with affordable pricing for the service. 

If you're searching for a new distributor for your bulk seed needs, look no further than BulkSeedsInternational. With over a decade of experience, we have been providing top-quality seeds throughout the world. Partnering with only the best seed producers in the world, we are able to provide a selection of seed categories and types upwards of 3000+. To learn more about us, our seeds, and our services, visit https://www.bulkseedsinternational.com/.