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sulfate free shampoo

sulfate free shampoo
Location : Coolum Beach, QLD, Australia
Coolum Beach, QLD, Australia,


If you’ve ever tried reading the label on your shampoo bottle, you might feel like you’re reading a foreign language! Sometimes the list of ingredients is so long that you don’t even bother to read it.
You simply assume that if it’s sold in a shop it is verified and safe. In reality many ingredients in your shampoo are linked to cancer, asthma, neurological problems, skin irritation and other health problems, and you don’t even know it.
Did you know that more than half of what you put on your skin (the largest organ) absorbs into your body – synthetic foaming agents, parabens and other chemicals end up running through your veins. Some of these chemicals are harmful and are allowed in shampoos because there’s only small amount in each bottle.
An alternative is choosing a natural or Organic brand of hair care such as EverEscents Organic Hair Care. Our Organic Shampoo is a much gentler and healthier way of washing your hair. Even if you don’t have any major hair or scalp issues, the EverEscents Organic Hair Care Organic shampoos and conditioners can help eliminate harsh chemicals from your daily life. Reading the labels is very important when switching to an organic shampoo and always be sure to look for natural and organic ingredients.