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Phoenix Grease Trap Services

Location : Phoenix, AZ, united states
Phoenix, AZ, united states,


Here at Phoenix Grease Trap Services, we enjoy serving the grease trap cleaning and pumping needs of people in the greater Phoenix, AZ area. We ensure that we dispatch the right size truck to each and every job, so that we can handle small collections from private locations and high capacity interceptors from commercial industries as well. We primarily work in the servicing, cleaning, and full service pumping out of traps and interceptors. Each system that we pump out gets full documentation, the system pressure washed out, and the grease disposed of in accordance with local city regulations. Anything with a grease trap or interceptor, including manufacturing, commercial kitchens, and even full service restaurants fall within our typical clientele. Our services are available both in Phoenix, near our main offices, or in the whole of Maricopa County. Call us at 602-223-1937