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Scent Evidence K9

Scent Evidence K9


Scent Evidence K9

2813 Industrial Plaza Dr
Tallahassee, FL 32301

(850) 272-6950


Investigation Services

"If you’re ever in need of effective search and rescue services to find a missing loved one, Scent Evidence K9 will be there to help. Their warehouse is located in Tallahassee, FL, but they service nationally including areas such asCalifornia, Washington, Arizona, New York, and Illinois. This family owned and operated dog search company focuses on two of the most vulnerable populations--children with autism spectrum disorder and persons with dementia. Starting as a training program for K9 search and rescue and growing to assisting communities and law enforcement, this company has shown their commitment to helping others.

With their scent preservation kits, you’ll be able to store the scent of any particular person, helping community leaders and law enforcement agencies better protect populations at high-risk for missing persons. The scent kit is used in conjunction with K9 search and rescue units for effective tracking and rescue of your loved ones.

They also provide trained human scent discriminate bloodhounds in the event of a missing persons case, a training seminar for K9 handlers, and a field training app so you and your K9’s get the most out of your training. Whether you’re a family trying to protect your loved one or a police officer trying to bring someone home safely to their family, this K9 search and rescue program is what you’re looking for.

Whether supplying a way to be prepared ahead of time or helping to find your loved ones who’ve gone missing, place your trust in the skills of trained K9 search and rescue units. For additional information on how Scent Evidence K9 can assist you, call (850) 272-6950 or visit them online. You can also like them on Facebook."