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APPRO Development, Inc. & CERRON Commercial Properties, LLC

APPRO Development, Inc. & CERRON Commercial Properties, LLC
Location : singapore



21476 Grenada Ave, Lakeville, MN 55044


(952) 469-2171

Website: http://www.approdevelopment.com/

Category:Commercial Real Estate, Real Estate Services, Real Estate Developers

At Appro Development and Cerron Commercial Properties, we focus on what’s important to you. We work with you to reach your goals, in commercial building or real estate.

As two companies working together, APPRO and CERRON offer a full range of services including designing, building, buying, leasing or selling your commercial, retail or industrial properties. As one team under one roof, we create a faster, more efficient and streamlined process, ultimately saving you time and money, allowing you to focus on running your business.

We understand that a new facility, expansion or purchase is a major investment, and one that you will likely do only once or twice. Creating property solutions for our clients is our life’s work. We have the experience, knowledge, and talent to make your goals a reality!

Sharing your vision, our experienced APPRO and CERRON professionals provide the expertise and guidance to bring it to life. From our APPRO architectural design team and project managers to our CERRON real estate agents, the entire team is dedicated to serving you.

We have earned the respect and trust of key local, regional and state regulatory agencies. By choosing APPRO and CERRON, you can count on a smooth and efficient permit and regulatory process.

At APPRO and CERRON, our first priority is to complete your project on time and on budget, while maintaining exceptional quality. Our objective is “no surprises” and to this end, we work closely with you to offer solutions that best address your needs, budget and schedule. 

Communication is key and we provide you with updates every step along the way. Not only do we help you to understand the design and building process, but provide you information and answers that give you peace of mind. We establish clear timelines so you know upfront when decisions need to be made.

Whether your project is small or large, we have a dedicated team designed to work with you.