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Ace Appliance Sale & Service

Ace Appliance Sale & Service


 100 E Fireweed Ln, Anchorage, AK 99503
 (907) 272-8949
 Category: Appliance Repair, Appliance Services, Household Appliances
 Is your refrigerator running? No, this isn’t a terrible joke, because if it’s not operating properly, you’re going to need the skills and expertise of an appliance repair expert. From inoperable ranges to malfunctioning air conditioners, if there’s an appliance that needs fixing, Ace Appliance Sale Service is the company you’ll want to call. Located in Anchorage, AK, this company has provided appliance repair services for commercial and residential customers for over 40 years.
 Whether your dishwasher reeks of weeks-old food or your clothes remain damp after a cycle in the dryer, this appliance center has plenty of options to change your fortunes. They have the experience and knowledge necessary to repair damaged parts of your machines, returning them to their peak, operational form. This appliance repair company can also work on various makes and models of appliances, making them an invaluable team no matter which brand you’re loyal to.
 Not just the savior of gas stoves and air conditioners, they can also repair your cell phone. Those embarrassing moments where you drop your phone in the toilet and immediately place it in rice and hope for the best are a thing of the past, thanks to the technical knowledge of these appliance repair experts. Whether you’re trying to fix a household appliance or one that fits in your pocket, these repair specialists will return your systems to the way they should be.
 Find out how Ace Appliance Sale Service can help you and your major appliances remain operational. Call them today at (907) 272-8949 to request additional information.