Lead Golang Developer at Zofler

Company name: Zofler

Company url: https://in.linkedin.com/jobs/zofler-jobs-bengaluru

Job location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Job description:

Responsibilities :

- Design and deliver infrastructure solutions that will help create, deploy and manage the service components of the platform

- Collaborate with architects and technical leaders to vet and validate the design

- Investigate various open source and close source technologies, components, libraries, tools etc. and help build a highly available, highly scalable and easily manageable system

- Demonstrate technical leadership in multiple domain areas, providing mentorship to other team members

- Demonstrate leadership by taking responsibility and ownership of software components and deliver a complete product satisfying functional, scale, performance and manageability requirements.

- Hands-on coding in multiple languages while considering performance, scalability, maintainability, and flexibility

Minimum Qualifications :

- Knowledge and experience in highly distributed software systems, ability to understand the nuances and solve problems related to scale performance and resiliency of such a system

- Experience in developing polyglot software using service definition language and framework like gRPC, Thrift, Google Protocol Buffers, OpenAPI etc.

- Experience in developing and deploying scalable and highly available cloud-native software services using 12-factor app design methodology

- Experience in orchestration systems like Kubernetes and container technologies like Docker, rkt etc.

- Hands on experience in multiple computer programming languages such as C, C++, Go Lang, Python

- Ability to implement all phases of a development cycle for a software product from understanding requirements, going through design, development and deploy phases

- You should be self-motivated and willing to delve into new areas and take new challenges in an enthusiastic manner

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills

- Strong interpersonal, team building, and mentoring skills

- BS/MS degree in Computer Science or equivalent with 8+ years of software development experience

Apply information: