Forex Scams Brokers List (500+ Forex Trading Scams Brokers)

Company name: Forex Scam Brokers

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Forex scams broker list 2021. Avoid to create account with Forex trading scams brokers. Get the 500+ fake forex brokers list with no regulation or license.

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What are Forex Broker Scams?

They are typically operated by scammers who design the (sometimes) professional-looking website that promotes "Forex trading." In simple terms, the moment a person (a prospective investor) "deposits" cash but the scammer holds it and seeks ways to make the victim "deposit" additional funds. If the victim requests to withdraw the money or are unwilling to deposit additional funds or withdraw more, the scammer shuts off all communication for good and keeps the entire amount of money that they took.

The same is true for Binary Options forex scams and CFD scams. These Forex scam Brokers are usually owned by the same individuals.