Head of Services Sales, UK

Company name: SAP

Company url: https://www.sap.com/index.html

Job location: London, UK

Job description:

• Responsible of a team of 25+ people working in a role of FLSM, SAMs, SSA, SSPA.
• This MU is aiming to be the lead market for the EMEA North Region
• Reporting into the Head of Services for UK & Ireland
• Set-up Vision/Mission to sell the entire Service portfolio to existing and new customers on all the industries attached to the MU.
• Outcome measured on booking, revenue and profit with a clear focus on growth through more bookings.
• Working hand in hand with his/her peers on Service Delivery side for the MU
• Liaise with license team to sell “one SAP” to the market products + services
• Be a Trusted Advisor and "Talk Business values” and outcomes
• Establish and maintain powerful long-term relationships
• Sponsorship of projects
• Make the market through adaptation of the global services strategy into Market Unit specific services offerings

Transformational Leadership:
• Communicate a clear vision of the future: discuss, explain and actively promote the vision within own team, to peers and customers
• Motivate through inspiration and mobilize teams: create a comfortable working environment, establish an atmosphere for discussions, seek for feedback and call for people’s opinions
• Set demanding goals and empower accountability to execute on the mission: drive clear and challenging targets from the level upon plan, assign targets and set priorities, encourage people to take ownership, be there when necessary to decide, to backup or to help refocus
• Actively establish relationships characterized by mutual respect and trust: stimulate individuals to broaden and make use of their network, respect different opinions, diverse cultures and values, work to overcome organizational boundaries and silo thinking, do not accept knowledge hiding
• Encourage people to continuously question the status quo and activate their creative and innovative skills: stimulate individuals to think outside established solutions and processes, invite the team to learn from everything, accept failing investments, think and act lean
• Coach people on their individual development and career opportunities and act as a mentor: support team members and mentees in development planning and fulfilment, act as coach and guide for individuals to find their right career track, turn active if individuals are passive on their development
• Support/Mandate/Inspect Enablement Activities/Participation for new hire on boarding sessions and continuous learning
• Show passion on the job: act as a role model for the team, show authentic behavior, pride and enthusiasm in the own job, demonstrate best practices and encourage team members to share own experiences, celebrate success, promote SAP as a great place to work

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