Search Engine Optimizer (SEO Executive)

Company name: DigitalDeepak

Company url: https://digitaldeepak.com/

Job location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Job description:

 With good search engine optimization, one can get free traffic from Google instead of spending money on Google AdWords campaigns. The job of an SEO expert or SEO executive involves keyword research, user experience optimization, using Google webmaster tools, getting pages indexed, manage duplicate content and so on.

An SEO expert should have experience in using the various kinds of SEO tools in the market. For example, Moz.com is a well known SEO tool for digital marketers and webmasters. There are plenty of other tools which will help you improve your performance in the search engines.

Practo.com, one of the companies I have worked for before has good experts in SEO. Practo.com receives majority of their traffic via the search engines (Google organic search) and it helps them save a ton of money in AdWords and easily rise above their competition in terms of traffic.

SEO experts will report to the digital marketing managers and mostly do not manage a team. Most of the SEO experts I know are individual contributors. Sometimes there will be two SEO experts working on the team and they will give constant feedback to the product and web development team. 

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