Ruby on Rails Developer

Company name: TechnoIdentity Solutions

Company url: www.technoidentity.com

Job location: Hyderabad

Job description:

• have server-side development experience (with Ruby on Rails is a plus).
• write tests. You wouldn't even merge code to development branch without them.
• cringe when things are not named properly, and cache is invalidated prematurely.
• worry about system architecture just as much as you worry about customer experience.
• know to look beyond current requirements and care about scalability.
• thrive in an agile environment.
• have dabbled in DevOps or know the basic concepts around it.
You're ready to...
• collaborate with fellow software engineers to identify system bottlenecks.
• partner with cross-functional teammates to innovate in specific product domains.
• maintain high system uptime, low error rate, and low latency in everything you touch.
• deliver, or even suggest, product features with high system integrity.
• explore distributed and maintainable solutions with the team

Apply information:

Minimum 4 years of Relevant Experience is required.
Interested candidates kindly drop your resume to [email protected]