DevOps Engineer

Company name: CarbyneTech India Pvt Ltd

Company url: http://www.carbynetech.com/

Job location: Hyderabad, Telangana

Job description:

- Analyzing platform requirements to ensure a compliant and secure infrastructure in the Azure cloud

- Ensuring interoperability between latest Azure products and existing components

- Designing software modules for automatic testing and continuous deployments

- Delivering realistic effort estimations as input for our platform roadmap

- Writing behavioral tests and unit tests with Gherkin

- Hands-on programming with PowerShell, Terraform and ARM Templates

- Building CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps

- Documenting and reviewing operating manuals for the first-level support

- Analyzing and solving incidents in productive environment while avoiding data loss and minimizing service outages

- Challenging current practices giving feedback to colleagues and encouraging software development best-practices to build the best solution for our users

Required Knowledge & Skills:

- Prior experience with at least one of the following topics like: Azure

- Infrastructure-as-code development (PowerShell, Terraform and ARM Templates)

- Advanced knowledge in DevOps, Continuous Deployment and testing techniques

- Familiar with networking and security concepts (VNet, Subnet, NSG, Load balance etc.)

- Knowledge of software development practices like Scrum and Test-Driven Development

Apply information: