Ruby on Rails- Lead

Company name: MobiKwik

Company url: https://www.mobikwik.com/

Job location: Delhi

Job description:

Job description:

What will you do as a part of the team?

- You work with your team to invent, design and build software that is stable and performant.

- You write code that an SDE unfamiliar with the system can understand.

- Your solutions are pragmatic and you are proficient in a broad range of design approaches and know when it is appropriate to use them (and when it is not).

- You consider the legacy of the code you produce, limiting the use of short-term workarounds. You create flexible software without over-engineering.

- You work on project ideas with customers, stakeholders, and peers.

- You take on projects and make software enhancements that improve team software and processes.

Basic Qualifications :

- Experience in software development.

- Proficiency with Ruby on Rails.

- Computer Science fundamentals in data structures, algorithm, problem solving, and complexity analysis.

- A strong track record of project delivery for large, cross-functional projects

Experience building complex software systems that have been successfully delivered to customers

- Experience with building high-performance, highly-available and scalable distributed systems.

- Experience with API Design

- A willingness to dive deep, experiment rapidly and get things done

Apply information: