Senior Software Engineer - ROR

Company name: DispatchTrack Software Pvt Ltd

Company url: www.dispatchtrack.com

Job location: Hyderabad

Job description:

Expert level knowledge of Ruby on Rails, MYSQL/PostgreSQL, Rspec
·         Advanced Ruby, including meta-programming, creating gems, etc.
·         A knack for writing clean, readable Ruby code
·         Understanding of Background Jobs (such as Sidekiq and Resque)
·         Understanding of Caching techniques (Such as Redis and Memcached)
·         Understanding of task queuing such as RabbitMq, Active MQ, etc..
·         Expert level knowledge of JavaScript/CoffeeScript, JQuery, AJAX, Angular JS/Backbone JS
·         Application deployment on Staging and Production servers (Good to have)
·         Complete understanding of Coding Standards
·         Understanding of Design Patterns
·         Extensively used Object Oriented Design
·         Experience in designing, developing and deploying applications
·         Proficient in English
·         Willingness to learn and adopt new technologies 
Extensive knowledge of:
o     MVC architecture
o    Ruby and Rails
o    Creating JSON based web services from Ruby on Rails (RoR) apps
o    HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, CoffeeScript, Ajax, lodash/underscore.js 

Apply information:

Reach at [email protected] 
Mobile No: 7330687788