Ruby on Rails Developer

Company name: Memcorp Immersive Learning

Company url: https://www.memcorpimmersive.com/

Job location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Job description:

 Experience- 2 - 3 years of experience
Skills Required- Ruby on Rails (ROR), Javascript, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NOSQL Databases
Company Domain- edtech
Memcorp Immersive Learning is in business to change the way learning happens through games.

We are seeking an experienced developer with full-stack skills. As a Full-Stack Developer, you will have a huge impact on how we design, build and deliver our games to currently thousands and, in the near future, millions of people.

We look for engineers/developers who love finding efficient, scalable and thoughtful solutions to a variety of technical and product related challenges. You should be comfortable in a heterogeneous technology environment that is rapidly evolving and demands quickly mastering new technologies as we integrate these into the existing platform. You should strive to write scalable, maintainable (production ready) code. We value strong engineers who are agile enough to jump into most projects. We believe that small empowered, self-motivated teams can do big things.

Your responsibilities will include:
-You will be responsible for taking projects from concept to delivery.
-You will be required to adhere to best programming practices and a high code quality standard.
-The position will require you to take up many roles as needed to do what is best for the project.

-2+ years of experience building web applications with Ruby on Rails
-Strong Object Oriented skills
-Working knowledge of design patterns
-Familiarity with databases like MYSQL, PostGreSQL, Oracle, NoSQL etc
-Bonus points if you have experience with Javascript frameworks
-Experience working in a collaborative team environment
-Good verbal and written communication

-Passion for developing robust software and writing maintainable code
-Keen interest in new technologies and their timely adoption
- Ability to work in a heterogeneous environment consisting of multiple languages and technologies
-If you want us to look at your application then change the name of your resume file to "I’m Awesome - "
-Ability to work well individually to deliver organizational goals
-Flexibility under changing conditions and ability to multi-task between projects
-Self-directed and require minimal supervision
-Desire to work-from-home or remote location is not essential but a huge plus 

Apply information: