Looking for ROR experts for a senior position

Company name: MiGrocer services Pvt Ltd

Company url: www.migrocer.com

Job location: Hyderabad

Job description:

Requirements of technical abilities

● 4 to 8 Years of development experience with Ruby on Rails
● Expertise in performing the tasks that need advanced rails tech skills.
● Should be an advocate and mentor juniors to adhere to the best practices
○ TDD, RSpec, Factory-Girl, Faker, simplecov
○ Rubocop
○ Capistrano/Vagrant
○ Continuous Integration
● Should be well-versed with MetaProgramming.
● Experience of deploying AWS Cloud servers
● Experience of the optimizations to scaling the environment to suiting the needs of the increasing
traffic loads and increasing database content.
● Strong with RDBMS skills and perform DB optimizations.
● Previous experience of Spree commerce will be an added advantage.
● Development with ReactJS will be an added advantage.
● Should be a fast learner with the new and upcoming technologies as required for the team.

Apply information:

Interested candidates can apply using the link below