Senior Analyst

Company name: Walmart Labs

Company url: https://www.linkedin.com/company/walmartglobaltech/?originalSubdomain=in

Job location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Job description:

 We as finance organization in the Company are responsible for accounting, budgeting, planning, forecasting, compliances and reporting the results.

We are at the helm of all crucial information, be it customer insights or business intelligence. We enable technology functions to continue to build and deliver a solution which helps in the overall success of Walmart's eCommerce and Stores businesses.

We provide the highest quality of financial information with - no surprises- to help the Company deliver on its vision of - Everyday Low Cost (EDLC)- and - Everyday Low Price (EDLP). We achieve this while maintaining a high level of operational excellence and the highest standards of ethics, integrity, transparency and respect for others.

- You will be part of controllership team and you will be required to coordinate and manage the payroll processing, payroll payment & payroll accounting for the organization.

- You will be responsible for all payroll compliances i.e. TDS, PF, PT, ESI LWF

- You will be responsible for filing quarterly and annual returns and issue of Form16.

- You will be assisting in managing the payroll tools & systems upgrades as and when required.

- You would need to have good communication skills to manage multiple stakeholders to streamline cross-functional processes.

- You will support team with month-end, quarter-end and year-end close process.

- You will be supporting the team with various audits (statutory audit, tax audit, internal audit, IFC audit etc.) and responsible for preparation of monthly schedules.

- You should be able to analyse payroll data to build meaningful insights 

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