Dental Career Connect

Cincinnati, OH 45247, United States
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After spending too many hours sorting through local Facebook groups to find temporary help at her fast-growing Cincinnati-based dental practice, Ruchika Khetarpal, DDS, developed Dental Career Connect, a chatbot-enabled tool for matching great local job candidates to open dental positions. Why Dental Career Connect? Other job-matching sites were complicated, pricey, and out of date. Dr. Khetarpal would pay additional fees to search for resumes for candidates who were no longer looking for work. Facebook groups were only loosely organized. Association websites were comprehensive in scope, but job-matching was not their core competency. When she did manage to find a candidate, Dr. Khetarpal found that traditional vetting methods like skills or personality assessments did not necessarily yield candidates who would reliably show up to work. As anyone can imagine, it was a frustrating experience! That’s when she decided to create Dental Career Connect, which brings together quality dental-career candidates looking for work with quality practice owners and managers.

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