1800 Garage Doors

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone: (647) 558-7930
Website: 1800garagedoors.com


1800 Garage Doors specializes in manufacturing all types of gates, as well as providing quality installation, service, and repair of entry gates and garage doors of any complexity. The experts at 1800 Garage Doors are happy to perform service by performing routine diagnostics and replacing faulty parts.

Among the strikingly wide range there are three main types of gates:

  •  sliding, 
  •  hinged,
  •  sectional. 

All types have different mounting, different appearance and characterize the principle of opening and closing of the system. But no matter how reliable and high quality is the construction, its installation, adjustment or programming, without service, proper care and regular maintenance all gates need repair.

Why are we here?

We registered on this site to enhance our company's reputation and attract new customers. We hope that adding our company to this directory will benefit business and we can help even more people.

Email: [email protected]
Company type: Privately Held
Company size: 2 to 10
Industry: Construction
Year founded: 1999
47 Colborne St, Toronto, ON M5E 1E3